Schnu Breed Information


Recognized By: DBR , IDCR
AKA: Shiba Schnauzer

Living with a Schnu

Temperament: Very stubborn, they will only learn what they want and do it when they choose to. But they are very well behaved.

Family Dog: The Schnu makes a great family dog. The are good with children and love to meet new people if properly socialized.Very friendly family, non-aggressive and loves giving kisses.

Grooming: Only grooming would bee if you were looking to trim them if your dog had the Schnauzer beard.

Behavior: They love attention. They are very energetic and will play all day.

Barking: Their bark is high pitched and can be very loud. They mostly bark if they want attention or get very excited while they are playing.

Exercise: They need a lot of exercise, another dog would be very handy.

Schnu Appearance

Appearance: Schnus have almost a fox like appearance with the curly tale like the shiba. They may have some longer hairs around the muzzle and throughout the body like the schnauzer.

Companionship: The Schnu is generally a very loving and loyal dog.

Ears: The Schnu has large ears.

Muzzle: The Schnu may have the Schnauzer mustache.

Neck: The Schnu has a thick and muscular neck.

Body: The body of a schnu is tall and slender, they have long legs.

Tail: The tail of teh Schnu may be curly.

Color: The coat of the Schnu may be light golden in color.

Coat: Their coat is smooth as a pup but gets a little more rough when they start to get older.

Schnu Facts

Life Expectancy: The average life expectancy of the Schnu is about 15 years.

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