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Designer Dog Blogs

Designer Dog Blogs

Designer Dog Blogs

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how she saved me twice

by sammie1129 on 7/11/2011 at 2:22 PM in Dog Rescue

When Sage was around 8 months old i was walking her through the city where we live and it was a nice day. On our way home i saw a big chocolate Lab running toward us and it was strange to see a dog by itself in Plattsburgh without its owner. Then i realized what was going to happen the dog lounged at me growling and i screamed and it knocked me over trying to bite me and it would have if i didn't have Sage with me. She turned around and attacked the Lab and it was at least twice her size and she brought the dog down and then chased it away. But i didn't know what to do after the dog was gone but i was lucky because a by passer  saw what happened and called the police and they came down to see what happened and took down a report. That was when i realized that Sage was limping and bleeding, so i carried her home and bandaged her up and then brought her to the vet and she got a few stitches on her upper lip where it got torn up. But she was okay. She was my little hero and i love her so much!

 Then another time was when she was about 1year and a few months old and i was walking her at night to go to the bathroom before bed. And i was waiting for her to go, when i was grabbed from behind and pulled to the ground i was so scared i screamed help me Sage! And then i heard the man scream in pain and saw Sage had grabbed him in the leg and dragging him off me then he hit her, she fell to the ground. The man got up and went to kick her but she was quicker and then jumped up on the man and bit him in the arm snarling at him. He hit her again and ran away. She chased him for a bit then i called her back to me when i was running to my apartment. I called the police and they came out to investigate and found the man and the police said i was lucky to have such a dog that would protect me like that and not run away. I told him i was lucky and hugged her and gave her big kiss on the nose and went to bed with her next to me.. i'm so lucky to have her! she is my baby and i would never get rid of her ever!


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Team Name

by Bohdi on 5/6/2011 at 11:48 AM in Dog Rescue

We have a group of people who work at an airport, some pilots, some aircraft fuellers that are doing the Paws for a Cause Walk. It's for our local SPCA, and we need a clever team name. This walk is to raise money for our SPCA. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for a cool team name.

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