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Walking my Doggies

by sands904 on 8/25/2008 at 8:48 PM in Dog Walking

My husband and I used to take our two Chipoos for a walk together, but since his new job has taken him out of town during the week I am left to walk them alone. I started walking them together which proved to be a challenge even though they are little dogs. They are not properly leash trained and love to pull and tangle up the leashes.

To work on this I decided to take them on separate walks so I could give a little one-on-one training for each of them. This has helped but the interesting thing is neither of them pull as much when they are alone. I am not sure why this is except for maybe the fact they are like children and always want what the other one has so maybe they think it is a race and each wants to be in the lead.

They also don't bark at other people or dogs as much when they are out alone. I thought maybe my male Chipoo was barking to protect my female Chipoo which he may be but I find it interesting that she barks less when alone also.

I am going to keep walking them alone for a while longer and hopefully they will learn enough that we can have a nice long, peacefull (not pulling) walk together in the near future.
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