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Best Dog Ever!!

by aaemehan on 5/6/2009 at 12:46 PM in Training

Today I decided to take little Lady a lot farther in our yard then normal. I wanted to see how good she would be at coming to me even though there is new sights and smells. She did wonderful. There was a couple of times where she didn't want to come because we were next to the neighbors yard where they also own a dog and the new smells kept her wanting to go there. I called to her twice and she looked at me and I said "Heal" and she came running and sat down next to me. She let out a sign when I told her to come, but she did it anyway. This dog is by far the easiest dog I have ever trained. I recommend a Cockalier to any beginner. There loving and loyal. They aim there whole life at pleasing. I have had three different breeds of dogs. I had a golden retrevier named Sam-I-Am he was a good dog, but didn't like people messing with his food dish and he was a smart dog, but he much rather did his own thing. He died at the age of ten. I also had a Brittany Spaniel named Missy A very high energy dog, that needs LOTS of excersise. She was also a smart dog and would learn new tricks easily as long as you could keep her attention. She got lumpnoid cancer at the age of three. I also had a Jack Russel Terrier named Sissy She was a very cowardly dog and unfortunately we had to get rid of her because she was scared of my son, and would nip at him out of fear and I was so scared that one day she would actually bite him. She was the first dog that I ever gave away, but I gave her to my grandmother who she gets along with just fine. But out of them dogs Lady has been the best behaved and the easiest to train.
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Sleepless nights

by aaemehan on 4/18/2009 at 7:24 AM in Training

I love that pup, but she REALLY needs to know that sleeping in her crate is where she is to sleep from now on! She is getting better, she went from an all out cry to just a whimper with an occasional out break of howling, barking, and snorting. Yes snorting. She gets to crying so much that she will snort, it is the sadest thing to hear. Hopefully things will be better as the days go on!
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