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Escape artist

by BobbieAn23 on 12/11/2010 at 10:37 PM in A strange occurence

On the day before Halloween she broke the plastic clasps on her collar and escaped the back yard! I looked for her for hours and then 3 days passed. I got a call from an animal shelter, so I went to get her they charged me $125.00 for catching, transporting, and holding her. I was told it was to pay the dog catcher! I paid it and took her home! Two weeks later I get a bill in the mail for another $110.00 claiming to be to pay the dog catcher! I took my invoice and showed the county clerk she argued and said it was the animal shelters charges not the county animal controls but I asked the lady at the shelter and she said they are just a holding facility and don't pick up dogs or cats animal control does that and thats what the fees are for! I got an itemized receipt and showed county clerk woman again and still they wont waive the fees, I'm mad at this point. I wont pay the fees I tell her so and she then tells me they will send it to collections if I don't pay it!

" What do I do here, What am I doing wrong!!" I paid my fees whats going on here!!!

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