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my banddogge

by rlady32 on 1/25/2011 at 1:36 AM in Unexpected dangers

I moved into a mobile home park, and theres dogs all threw the park... theres a space in between my place and the neighbors male husky, ( weve both got kids,my son inpicticular ) my male has ( at first thought ) it to be a friendly, both dogs run from front to back the fence line with each other all day.. funny at first! hes first time out the gate he bargded past my kids straight towards that husky ( there is a fence seperating them but that fence is getting woren out and its only a mattert of time when its not and its going to be a bad one. he dosent hear my comands he just focused on the husky, i dont want our kids nor the dogs to get hurt... my dog i concider to be one of my kids, and i dont want no bad if it dose its going to be bad. hes got a kennel witch hes figured to jump over that dam thing. what should i do to? prevent the unthinkable before its to late ?
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