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Hugs and Kisses

by SierraBlog on 5/5/2010 at 10:40 PM in First Post

I just got my new baby, Perry. If you give him a quick peck, he'll give you a giant bear hug, even for a Border-Aussie pup. He loves to kiss cute girls' ankles, and he loves to hug you when you've been gone. What a sweetie! He tries to herd me when I'm walking him, I suppose it's just in his blood. He never stops loving every stranger he meets, but he finds comfort in his new mommy. He whines if he's left alone, even for ten seconds. He's got a supernatural power and ability to do tricks. He's practically potty-trained at 3 months! And he's got 'sit' down smack! I just can't wait to show off my little boy in agility and obedience competitions! Toodles!

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