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Logan and the Fence

by sands904 on 7/27/2010 at 7:05 PM in Logan

So, I was playing fetch with all the dogs in the backyard yesterday evening...

I threw the ball for Logan and it rolled just under the edge of the fence. He loves to nudge his tennis ball under things and try to paw it out. He always plays this game with our dresser, so I let him try to get it. I looked away for a few seconds and turned back to see him thrashing like crazy. I ran over to him and he had his head stuck between the slats of the fence. I kneeled down behind him to keep him from trying to back up and pull his head out. I took off his collar hoping that was what was stuck, no such luck. I tried to turn his head a little but he was so tense I couldn't move it and I didn't want to hurt him. My phone was outside but on the step out of my reach. I was afraid if I got up he was going to thrash and hurt himself, so I sat there trying to calm him down. Luckily Steve was home, but he was mowing the lawn around the side of the house. I yelled a couple of times but of course he couldn't hear me. I tried to tell Lance to 'go find daddy' but he was too interested in Logan and let's face it, is no Lassie :). Luckily, Steve came around the side of the house in just a few minutes and I waved him down. He came over and we tried to move Logan's head down enough to free him but he was too scared and tense and just started thrashing when we tried. We had to remove a few patio blocks and dig some of the grass and dirt out but finally managed to free him. I feel horrible but we were able to get a picture while he was stuck and relatively calm. Poor boy, he is my special little boy.

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More Dental Issues

by sands904 on 3/28/2010 at 6:25 PM in Logan

March has been the month from hell! We started at a new vet on February 23 and they are great but unfortunately we have been in there WAY TOO MANY TIMES since then. Logan's heart worm test, Lance's swollen face, Logan's Dental Cleaning, Lacey's Checkup, Lacey's Dental Cleaning...(see previous posts for more details).

The latest visit was on Friday. I decided to take Lacey and Logan to a nearby park for a walk. I almost always walk the dogs individually but every once in a while I walk 2 of them around our neighborhood together so I thought I would give it a shot somewhere else. I put their harnesses on and buckled them into their seats (Logan in the back seat and Lacey in her seat on the console). When we got there I opened the back door where Logan is and reached in to unhook Lacey. Logan tried to jump out of the car while still being hooked on his harness. I feel him slide along my side and hear a thud as he hits the side of the car. I bend down to grab him as he is hanging their and put him back in his seat to make sure he is okay. He is licking his mouth funny so I check it and there is a broken tooth in the front which is bleeding. I am of course freaking out and call my husband then the vet. Needless to say we didn't walk and he has to go in on Thursday and have that tooth removed also.

I don't know what is going on this month but I hope it stops and does not continue into April. I can't stand to see the dogs having problems and I can't afford much more of it ;)
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