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Extraordinary Mastweiler Stud Rescued

by DogZilla on 4/4/2010 at 5:07 PM in Designer Dogs

I rescuednthis dog from certain peril tjis past week. I thought he was just a big slow mutt......Boy was I wrong!

This guy is 29" at the shoulder, built like a huge Rott with fawn coloring including muzzel...some black on back leading down to the tip of the tail...

I have no idea what he weighs? Maybe this week we will walk to the local UPS store...I'll pretend I am blind...and lead him to the scale...Seriously, because I know nothing of his health records I will take him to the vet for a complete health screan....and for now I will not have him neutered; but will most probably do so, unless the Mastweiler community encourages me not to?? peeps tell me?
I do not know where or how to post a pic....but need to run now......

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