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The migration of our site...

The migration of our site...

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The migration of our site...

by sands904 on 6/3/2009 at 11:43 PM in Designer Dogs

You may have noticed some changes with our site over the past few months. I have changed our focus to help promote adoption and rescue of these wonderful dogs. It is a personal decision that I have made after learning some sad but most likely true things about my own Chipoos.

I have two 3 year old Chipoos a male Logan and a female Lacey that we purchased from 'Breeders'. My husband and I decided that we wanted a dog so I started looking around or area. We knew that we wanted a smaller dog that wouldn't shed much and thus we decided on a Poodle Mix. Unfortunately, that was pretty much where my research ended. I did not do any research about getting a puppy, responsible breeders, puppy mills, etc.

We found a place in our area that had puppies at a flea market (of all places...) so we decided to go and look at them. Of course we found the cages of puppies so cute and adorable that we couldn't resist (who can?). So needless to say we ended up coming home with our first bundle of joy, Lacey.

After a few weeks we decided that Lacey needed a playmate (or rather she decided for us) so I started looking for another Chipoo in our area, but of course couldn't find one. I resorted to scouring the internet in search of a Chipoo. Finally, I found a litter of them from a 'Breeder' in Missouri. There were five in the litter 3 females and 2 males (interestingly enough their website listed one of the males as a female until we talked to the guy when he told us that it was a male...that probably should have been my first clue...). Well, that was the one we choose. A little boy, Chipoo they called Napoleon. We choose him from only one picture online. A picture in which he looked very scared. I asked no questions about the littermates, parents, facilities, etc. I know now that that was a HUGE MISTAKE.

We made the arrangements to have him flown to us (another thing I would NEVER do again). That scared little boy in the picture is still a shy, scared little 3 year old Chipoo. We can't help but wondering if some of his fear was a result of that flight...

I am telling this story for the benefit of everyone. Please do your research before getting a puppy. I do not want to upset our many members but I cannot help but be honest with you and everyone else who visits our site. I am not saying that you should not buy a dog from a breeder. I am just saying that you should definitely do more research that I did. We have Logan in a class now to help him with his aggression and fear and the more I read about 'Puppy Mill' puppies the more I believe he is one of them. In fact the website that we found him on was gone shortly after we got him. As for Lacey, the place we got her is still advertising lots of puppies at a low price all the time (another good indication of a 'Puppy Mill')

I love all of my dogs more than anything and would not trade them for anything in the world but I do feel ashamed and guilty that I supported these 'Puppy Mills' if that is indeed what they were and as a result I have decided to do my part to help put a stop to 'Puppy Mills' and promote Dog Adoption. I am definitely not going as far as some people who believe that all 'Designer Dogs' are bred in Puppy Mills. There are many breeders out there who are doing proper testing and ensuring the dogs they are breeding are in great health and the parents are kept in great facilities and the puppies are well cared for. All of our breeds today were created by dedicated individuals who love their dogs and care about their health above all else especially money.

It is unfortunate that many have ruined this and breed dogs purely for money. Treating dogs inhumanely to make money it despicable and we should all do our part to put an end to their suffering. Please help support us in our quest to do this!
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I'm so glad to see this. I rescued my Chipoo, Mulder, from my local shelter. I have always been a huge supporter of rescue organizations. There are so many dogs out there that need a forever home. I will continue to do what I can to help.
manateelover on 6/28/2009 at 9:39 AM

I too am glad to hear about the change. Puppy mill breeders rely on people not being able to resist the cute puppies for sale. So, they keep doing what they do to those poor dogs. I myself own a mixed breed dog, and I do agree that some dogs when mixed with another dog can create wonderful companions, and there will ALWAYS be mixed breed dogs warming our hearts and homes. However, these puppy mill breeders think it's ok to deliberatley continue to breed over and over again creating new dog breeds without knowing anything about genetics or ethics either. The only way to stop the puppymills is to stop buying their dogs. As hard to resist as it may be, but everyone needs to let these breeders know it's not ok to continue taking dogs and creating dogs that may inherit gentic traits or even develop a new genetic trait that wasn't meant to be. THE POPULAR DESIGNER DOG BREEDING SHOULD BE LEFT TO THOSE WITH KNOWLEDGE,EXPERIENCE AND GOOD INTENTIONS. These puppy mill breeders are taking anything and everything and mixing them together to create cute little puppies, and they are not even using proper breeding dogs either. Most of their dogs are ill or do not fit breed standards and should never be bred. It is truly sad. I wish I could take every single one of these little dogs and their puppies away to a safe and loving home leaving the puppymill dogless. Of course, nothing will be stopping them from starting all over again, but to safe as many lives as possible would be helpful. For anyone intersted in helping stop puppymills, search online for any organizations in your state that are dedicated to this cause. I live in Wisconsin, and there is that works very hard to shut these people down. For now those who have dogs from such puppymills, just keep loving your dogs. They know in their hearts that you saved them.
nickybaird75 on 8/16/2009 at 1:43 PM

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