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Lance and the Polar Bear

Lance and the Polar Bear

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Lance and the Polar Bear

by sands904 on 1/6/2010 at 6:10 PM in Lance

So, I was walking Lance today and we came across a Polar Bear Christimas decoration in someone's front yard. He looked a little scared of it at first and growled at it a little. I decided to walk up to it with him so he could check it out since I am really working on all my dog's fears. At first he was unsure and walked around it a couple of feet away. Then he went up to it and sniffed its butt and underneath it. Then he went around in front and sniffed its nose and did a play bow to it trying to get it to play with him. He was circling and bowing and jumping like crazy. It was hilarious!!!! Silly Dog!
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