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Easter mishap

Easter mishap

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Easter mishap

by Coconut on 4/7/2010 at 9:46 AM in Funny Stories

Coco had 3 pounds of ham on sunday, I turned my back just for a little bit and she downed the whole thing! It was one of those things were you either laugh or get mad, I picked laughing. She has never offered to touch anything on the counter but the ham was to much for her to resist, she has been fine except her stool has been dry, she has been drinking and eating normal, but I learned my lesson to never turn my back on a ham or coco
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I was amused of course by Coco's antics, but the possible danger of dogs eating something which may harm them is the main source for concern. Most dogs however normally wellbehaved may become tempted to steal food. My own dogs, a Pug-Zu and a lurcher (greyhound/border collie cross) are both goodies, I can leave my meal to answer the phone for instance, and they will not touch my plate, but a previous lurcher of mine (an ex racing whippet cross), once stole a joint of beef from the kitchen table and took it to her bed. The point of this story however is that this dog, Tigger just a few days before this incident, had been given a wrong injection by a vet (I no longer use!)This had broken down her immunity system. My granddaughter who was about to dine with me, had gone from the dining room, where I was, to the kitchen and shouted, "Tigger has got the meat!" As I am ancient, a bit deaf, and being very worried about my dog, thought she said "Tigger has had a fit!" I was so relieved when I found out that Tigger had only stolen the meat, that I opened a tin of corned beaf for our meal and I allowed Tigger to enjoy her ill-gained prize, not immediately, but I gave her pieces of it with her usual biscuits over the next few days. Tigger through the noble efforts of another vet, at a cost to me of over £600, regained her health and lived for another six years, during which I made sure she couldn't steal my food again. She eventually died suddenly with a brain tumour at the age of 18. Even on the day she died, she was so fit that she had caught a hare (a jack rabbit?). Not that I approved of her killing anything, but I like to think that the stolen meat might have helped to keep her fit enough to enjoy her natural hunting instincts.
michdwy on 4/16/2010 at 5:18 AM

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