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by Coconut on 4/21/2010 at 1:25 PM in Daily life

At church sunday the preacher said that dogs wouldn't go to church because they had no souls, this simply isn't true! I was so angry I wanted to tell the man that he was a fool and hit him up side the head but alas I was in church. I found this quote and I agree with it whole hearted-You think dogs will not be in heaven?  I tell you, they will be there long before any of us.  ~Robert Louis Stevenso
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Hi Coconut

It's me again.

Although I am not a religious person, it was partly similar to your experience that made me lose my faith. I think one of the things wrong with the world is man's belief in his superiority to animals. When I walk with my dogs, I often think that they must consider me both physically and mentally handicapped. I cannot run as they can. My lurcher, Millie can run at 45mph and like others of its kind, from greyhound stock can accelerate up to its top speed, faster than any other animal, or even any car. She can see up to a mile a moving hare (jack rabbit) and recognise any person or dog that she knows. Can I? Of course, not. All the other senses of both Millie and Boo are far superior to any human. Their hearing and ability to smell far exceed any person. They seem also to have senses, like intuition which we do not even know. Probably they have not, but they are so tuned into what we think, by understanding our body language and our facial expressions that they know if we are sad or happy, afraid or confident. Boo watches TV more enthusiastically than I do. Of course she loves programs with dogs most. If she sees dogs possibly being aggressive, she will growl at them but wags her tail furiously at a ltter of pups, but strangely if I am watching a film and the music changes when something dramatic is about to happen, she growls at the TV, which I find remarkable.

If there is a god, I am sure, he would love dogs just as much as we do.Tell your preacher that if thousands of years ago wolves, from which all dogs, large or small are descended, had not collaborated with the hunter/gatherer and helped him hunt, it is almost certain, that humans would not have developed their intelligence. Without their hunting companions, the hunter/gatherer would have been fully occupied finding food. He would not have had the opportunity to spend time developing tools which led to farming. This of course was the first step along the way to increasing the availability of food, and allowed the world's population to expand. Whether you think all this is evolution, or god's intention, there can be no doubt that dog's contribution is enormous.

I looked back at your other blogs,and I find them interesting. Regarding your "Can big dogs swim?" I would think the answer is definitely yes. In fact in my experience most dogs can swim.but they do not all like water. Large dogs are more likely to swim than small ones. The only dog breed, I think, that has the reputation of not being able to swim is the Pug. But my Boo is a Pug-Zu (father pug, mother shih tzu). I have asked owners of both these breeds if their dog swims, and they have all said no, but my little darling loves it! She swims only on warm days, but enjoys it. I think Coco will swim too. Give her the chance.

Kindest regards to you and your family
michdwy (Michael Dwyer)
michdwy on 4/25/2010 at 6:27 AM

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