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My exploding dog.

My exploding dog.

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My exploding dog.

by michdwy on 10/9/2010 at 5:34 AM in A strange occurence

Although I have a long connection with our four legged best friends, I have been stumped recently by the very odd occasional behaviour of one of my dogs, Millie, a 7 year old Lurcher,(greyhound cross)an ex coursing and free-range hunting bitch.

Just recently she has done this queer thing, about once a week. Having long legs she normally lies down to eat complete biscuits from her dish. The first time she did it I thought it must be a bee or wasp sting, but could see nothing. Whilst chomping away she suddenly explodes, flies to her feet, scattering her food. sometimes dashes across the room as if from starting blocks at great speed, or just flies to her feet and then flops back down. She starts eating her food again immediately. She doesn't seem to have any after effects at all. Only Boo, her companion and I are startled.

She seems to be in perfect health and is contented. One of my friends has suggested she may have a sensitive tooth. I don't think it is that. She had a full medical at the vet's a month ago, her teeth were examined, and I think the immediate return to eating probably rules out a tooth problem.

I should be grateful for any suggestions. I am sure it is not a serious problem by her general behaviour and normal fitness, but it is certainly puzzling.

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Certainly sounds puzzling, I cannot help you on this one,but maybe take note of what is happening around the environment when she explodes, and maybe take note when she doesnt as well, such as time, a certain car going past etc?

Good luck, and I hope this finds you and your canine family well and happy. from the belusky crew
Belusky on 3/30/2011 at 10:29 AM

Pleased tp hear from you about this too. I am no nearer to finding out what is happening, although Millie is not doing it as regularly now, but she did it suddenly last night. Just when eating as usual. She gets stuck back in to eating, so it doesn't bother her unduly and she seems always quite fit. The only thing I can imagine is a bit of cramp, but it must be a quick jab and then OK. I don't suppose I shall ever find out, Happily if must not be too seriuous. The others dogs eating next to her don't seem to notice. All the best to you and yours too Michdwy
michdwy on 3/30/2011 at 12:18 PM

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