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Dogs ride to the Bank.....

Dogs ride to the Bank.....

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Dogs ride to the Bank.....

by gusmi on 6/4/2011 at 7:03 AM in Dogs Successful Road Trip

Dog Road Trip!

Ziggy, (the Doxle): windows going up and down, heated seats on and off, dumped pop on mommy's butt, try to sit on mommy's lap as she passed a cop, chased squirrels in a park,  jumped in stream as mommy tried to get Freya out, obsessed with scanning for cats all the way and  put tongue in whipped cream in mommy's milkshake (how he thought the whipped cream on his nose wouldn't be noticed?)

Freya, (Rottie/hound): jumped in stream at park after chasing squirrels, flipping mommy, getting loose, and then started swimming, sat in front seat and pushed Ziggy on mommy's lap, (nosed mommy everytime she felt left out with big smile on her wet face!) 

Both sat in air conditioned SUV at the bank and then ate chicken nuggets and drank mommy's milkshake. Both slept all the way home. Great doggie adventure!  Wanted treats when returning home because they were such good riders.  Mommy tired!

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