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We Visited Rufus

by Trey on 9/19/2011 at 3:30 PM in A Day In The Life Of ...

Hello all you CHi-Chi lovers let me start off by saying so happy to have found a site that i get to see other dogs like mine.
  My Chi-Chi is name Rufus and he is only a few weeks old and still with his mommy I cant wait till he comes home to us here in San Antonio, Tx. Now Rugus isn't an only child he does have two full breed Chihuahua brother and sister names are Bruno and GiGi he then has a Doberman sister name Ladibug and three feline buddies to make trouble with once he gets here.
  I have wanted a hairless breed for many years and when I finally got my chance I was about to purchase a Chinese Crescent that was 3 months old. When we went to pick up my new baby he looked like he was gonna die, his breathing was labored and he had real bad kennel cough which the lady who was selling him forgot to mention so I did decline my dream puppy and just decided to wait. Now a year later I met a wonderful breeder of Chinese Crescents who just happen to have a litter of Crescent/Chihuahuas and Rufus was the only hairless pup in a littler of 6. We got to see him in person this past weekend and he was even cuter and more hairless in person LOL
  Rufus got his name from the Disney cartoon Kim Possible, her best friend on that cartoon had a pet naked mole rat name Rufus, so me and my kids decided what a perfect name for this cute little hairless puppy.
I cant wait to add to this blog with updates and stories of Rufus the hairless wonder!
                              until next time , Rufus' owner Traci

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