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Mauxie Breed Information


Recognized By: DBR , IDCR
AKA: Dachtese
Mispellings: Mauxi, Moxie

Living with a Mauxie

Personality: The Mauxie is a playful and energetic little dog. They love to play outdoors and can be hyper at times. Mak sure you have plenty of toys for your little Mauxie.

Family Dog: The Mauxie makes a good family pet and watch dog.

Exercise: Even though the Mauxie is a little dog they do have lots of energy. They love to run and should be taken for a walk everyday so they can explore and expend some of that energy.

Mauxie Appearance

Size: The size of the Mauxie depends on the size of the Dachshund parent. The cross between a Maltese and a Miniature Dachshund will weigh about 5 to 7 pounds when fully grown. A cross between a Standard Dachshund will weigh around 12 to 15 pounds.

Companionship: The Mauxie is a very affectionate little dog.

Color: The coat of the Mauxie can be black with cream and white paws. Their coat can change color dramatically as they mature. It can go from black to cream by 6 months of age.

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