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Schweenie Breed Information


Recognized By: DBR , IDCR
Mispellings: Scheewnie, Scheweenie, Shihweenie, Shiweenie, Shweenie, Shweeny

Living with a Schweenie

Temperament: Very friendly, would chew your hand when playing but never growls or snaps aggresively.

Family Dog: She's not very interested in children until they start making noises or running around and then it becomes a game.

Grooming: Sheds quite a bit so brushing is required from time to time to minimise stray hairs.

Training: Very quick at learning and picking up new tricks but difficult to house train.

Exercise: We probably walk her more than she needs but she just loves playing. She would run till she dropped!!

Schweenie Appearance

Appearance: Small in height but long in length, gorgeous face and big floppy ears.

Companionship: The Schweenie loves to be around the family. They make great lap dogs and love to follow their owners around the house.

Eyes: Not as gloopy as a shih tzu but she can get gunky bits occasionally.

Teeth/Bite: Can have a slight underbite.

Body: Muscular shoulders.

Feet: Front feet are bigger than her back, a dachshund characteristic to help with digging.

Tail: Long and thin like a dachshund but curved upwards like a shih tzu.

Color: Lovely orangey brown.

Schweenie Facts

Life Expectancy: 12-15 years.

Characteristics: Very loyal, follows me and Ciaran around the house. Loves a cuddle and can be very nosey.

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