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Chineranian Breed Information


Recognized By: DBR , IDCR
AKA: Pom-Wa
Mispellings: Chinerarian, Pomwa

Living with a Chineranian

Personality: The Chineranian is a loving, fun, smart little dog.

Temperament: The Chineranian is a very friendly dog.

Family Dog: The Chineranian is a great family dog.

Shedding: The Chineranian sheds very little.

Grooming: The coat of the Chineranian requires minimal grooming.

Training: The Chineranian takes to training very well.

Behavior: The Chineranian is a affectionate, playful and fun dog.

Barking: The Chineranian barks during play or when they want to get your attention.

Exercise: The Chineranian can satisify most of its exercise needs with indoor play.

Physical Ability: The Chineranian is a very playful dog with lots of energy.

Living Conditions: The Chineranian makes a wonderful indoor pet and lap dog.

Chineranian Appearance

Appearance: The Chineranian has black on their face, back and rear of their white tail.

Head: The Chineranian has a Pom-like forehead and is slightly bracycephalic.

Eyes: The eyes of the Chineranian are medium sized and dark in color.

Ears: The ears of the Chineranian are partially erect.

Muzzle: The muzzle of the Chineranian is very short.

Teeth/Bite: The Chineranian has a slight underbite.

Neck: The Chineranian has a very short neck.

Body: The body of the Chineranian has a Pomeranian looking body with a long coat.

Feet: The Chineranian's feet are very small.

Tail: The tail of the Chineranian is carried high on back.

Color: The Chineranian typically has a black and white coat.

Coat: The Chineranian has a long Pomeranian looking coat.

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