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Labrottie Breed Information


Recognized By: DBR , IDCR
AKA: Labweiler, Rottador
Mispellings: Labrotie, Labweiller

Living with a Labrottie

Personality: The Labrottie is a lovable dog who loves attention.

Behavior: The Labrottie is a friendly, observent dog.

Labrottie Appearance

Appearance: The Labrottie can have the Rottie coloring with a Lab face and body and a curly tail.

Companionship: Labrotties make great companion dogs. They love to keep you company and are very protective.

Body: The Labrottie may have more of the Rottie build including a bulky chest.

Forequarters: The Labrottie has a very strong front build.

Hindquarters: The hindquarters of the Labrottie are very muscular and taper toward their narrow hips.

Color: The coat of the Labrottie may be Chocolate in color.

Coat: The Labrottie has a double coat.

Labrottie Facts

Characteristics: Some Labrotties do not like water.

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