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Papastzu Breed Information


Recognized By: DBR , IDCR
Mispellings: Papatzu, Papitzu, Papaszu

Caring for a Papastzu

Feeding: Papastzus should be fed at least two times a day.

Living with a Papastzu

Personality: Papastzus have a great personality.

Temperament: Papastzus are very laid back, sweet and playful dogs.

Family Dog: Papastzus make good family pets. They get along with people and other dogs.

Shedding: Papastzus are small dogs weighing around 1.5 pounds at 10 weeks old.

Training: Papastzus do fairly well in training and seem to catch on quickly.

Barking: Papastzus may bark but not too often.

Papastzu Appearance

Nose: The nose of a Papastzu is black in color.

Eyes: Papastzu have black eyes.

Ears: Papastzus have ears that are down like a Shih Tzu.

Muzzle: Papastzus have a short muzzle like that of a Shih Tzu.

Teeth/Bite: Papastzus may have a slight underbite.

Neck: Papastzus have a relatively short neck.

Tail: The tail of a Papastzu is long and curls up at the end.

Color: Papastzus can be black and white.

Papastzu Facts

Characteristics: Papastzus are very curious dogs.

Papastzu Health

Health: Papastzus are generally healthy dogs. They may have a condition where crystals form in their urine. This is usually controlled by feeding them prescription food.

Dental Health: Papastzus have good dental health. They generally have straight teeth without tarter problems. Like all dogs, a Papastzu's teeth should be brushed regularly to ensure superb dental health.

Litter Size: Papastzus may have around 5 puppies in a litter.

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