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Pugshire Breed Information


Recognized By: DBR , IDCR
AKA: Porkie, Yorkiepug

Living with a Pugshire

Family Dog: The Pugshire gets along with people of all ages.

Grooming: The Pugshire requires regular brushing and occasional bathing.

Behavior: Pugshires are very gentle and kind natured dogs. They are very friendly, and always want to meet new people. They tend to lick quite a lot. They also have a tendency to be extremely silly at times.

Barking: Pugshires do bark quite a lot, but not as much as a Yorkie. They do like to talk though.

Exercise: Pugshires are not very energetic. They may have outbursts throughout the day but then they return to relaxing. They should be taken for a daily walk between 30 minutes to 1 hour is good. They can go for really long walks up to four hours but then will sleep for hours afterward.

Pugshire Appearance

Appearance: Pugshires have the head of a Yorkie and the body of a Pug, and with the nose mid-way between the two. They are absolutely gorgeous dogs that get attention everywhere they go.

Size: At 7 months, Pugshiers are approximately 15" tall.

Companionship: Pugshires are excellent companion dogs. They are very loyal and protective when they need to be.

Eyes: The Pugshire has eyes like a Pug.

Color: The color of a Pugshire's coat is much like that of a Border Terrier. It is typicaly a little darker than a Pug, however the undercoat is the same as a Pug.

Coat: Pugshires have a medium length coat. It is longer than a Pug but not overly long like a Yorkie. The coat is soft.

Pugshire Facts

Characteristics: Pugshires are cute and funny dogs.

Pugshire Health

Health: Pugshires are typically healthy dogs. They may be prone to cherry eye.

Eye Health: Pugshires are prone to cherry eyes.

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