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Border-Aussie Breed Information


Recognized By: DBR , IDCR
AKA: Aussieollie

Living with a Border-Aussie

Personality: The Border-Aussie is a happy and loving dog.

Family Dog: The Border-Aussie is a very loving dog. They love family life and will sometimes attempt to herd the family into one room.

Shedding: The Border-Aussie sheds almost constantly.

Grooming: The Border-Aussie needs regular brushing.

Training: The Border-Aussie is a very smart dog who takes to training very quickly.

Barking: The Border-Aussie barks very little.

Weather: The Border-Aussie loves the snow.

Exercise: The Border-Aussie needs regular exercise and lots of time to run.

Border-Aussie Appearance

Appearance: The Border-Aussie has the characteristics of a Border Collie in body style and tail.

Size: The Border-Aussie is a medium to large dog.

Eyes: The Border-Aussie has very expressive eyes. They can have brown eyes or one blue eye and one green eye.

Ears: The ears of the Border-Aussie can be erect or semi-erect.

Tail: The Border-Aussie has very long hair on the tail that easily gets tangled.

Color: The coat of the Border-Aussie can be black and white like the Border Collie, red merle or black, golden brown and white.

Coat: The coat of the Border-Aussie is typically longer like a Border Collie's but may have the Aussie's texture and be curly.

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