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Cav-A-Jack Breed Information


Recognized By: DBR , IDCR
AKA: Cava-Jack, Cavajack, Jack-A-Lier, Jackalier
Mispellings: Jackerlier

Living with a Cav-A-Jack

Family Dog: The Cav-A-Jack makes a great family dog who loves children.

Barking: The Cav-A-Jack has a very loud bark.

Cav-A-Jack Appearance

Appearance: The Cav-A-Jack is a small dog with a white blaze and ring around nose, tan "eyebrows".

Companionship: The Cav-A-Jack is a total lapdog.

Nose: The Cav-A-Jack has a small, black, button nose.

Eyes: The Cav-A-Jack has brown eyes.

Ears: The Cav-A-Jack has large, black, semi folded ears.

Body: The Cav-A-Jack has a small body smiliar to the Jack Russell Terrir in size with a chubby build.

Tail: The tail of the Cav-A-Jack is slightly fluffy, black at root and white further up.

Color: The coat of the Cav-A-Jack is typically Tri-colored consisting of Black & White with reddish tan.

Coat: The Cav-A-Jack has a short, smooth coat.

Cav-A-Jack Health

Allergies: The Cav-A-Jack may be prone to Fleabite Dermatitis.

Skin Health: The Cav-A-Jack may have trouble with itchy skin or fleabite dermatitis.

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