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French Bullhuahua Breed Information

French Bullhuahua

Recognized By: DBR , IDCR
AKA: Mexican Frenchie

Caring for a French Bullhuahua

Feeding: The French Bullhuahua can be fed 2 times daily.

Living with a French Bullhuahua

Personality: French Bullhuahuas are fun-loving and very sweet dogs.

Temperament: The French Bullhuahua is a very loving and loyal dog.

Family Dog: French Bullhuahuas make great family pets.

Shedding: The French Bullhuahua sheds minimally when given proper nutrition.

Grooming: The short coat of the French Bullhuahua requires very little grooming.

Training: The French Bullhuahua is a very intelligent and easily trained using positive reinforcement.

Behavior: French Bullhuahuas are loving, playful, athletic, friendly, loyal and alert dog with great temperaments. They are very unpredictable, one moment they are laying down the next there running around.

Barking: The French Bullhuahua likes to bark when playing but otherwise barks very rarely.

Weather: The French Bullhuahua is good in all kinds of weather. In hot weather, make sure they have plenty of fresh water. In cold weather, they may need a sweater.

Exercise: French Bullhuahuas love to go for walks or runs and should get plenty of exercise every day. They are excellent at size-related agility.

French Bullhuahua Appearance

Appearance: The French Bullhuahua is a small, stocky, muscular dog with a wide chest and a docked tail.

Size: The French Bullhuahua is a small to medium sized dog.

Companionship: The French Bullhuahua loves their people and other animals.

Head: The head of the French Bullhuahua is large in proportion to the body.

Eyes: The French Bullhuahua has large brown eyes.

Ears: Frech Bullhuahuas have large ears that can be erect or floppy.

Muzzle: The French Bullhuahua has a short wide muzzle.

Teeth/Bite: The French Bullhuahua has a scissor or slightly undershot bite.

Neck: The French Bullhuahua has a short and muscular neck.

Body: French Bullhuahuas have a short, thick, very muscular body with short legs, like the French Bulldog.

Feet: The French Bullhuahua has large feet compared to their size. Their dew claws should be removed.

Tail: The tail of the French Bullhuahua can be curled or docked.

Color: French Bullhuahuas can be brindle, black, brown or white in color.

Coat: French Bullhuahuas have a soft, short, smooth coat.

French Bullhuahua Health

Allergies: The French Bullhuahua has no known allergies at this time.

Bone Health: Care should be taken to not allow your French Bullhuahua to hyperextend their back by playing frisbee or other sports. Also, do not allow them to jump from high places.

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