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Great Danebull Breed Information

Great Danebull

Recognized By: DBR , IDCR
Mispellings: Greatdanebull

Living with a Great Danebull

Barking: The Great Danebull has a low bark like a Great Dane's but not bark incessantly.

Exercise: The Great Danebull is a high energy dog who needs lots of daily exercise.

Great Danebull Appearance

Ears: The Great Danebull's ears are set lower and smaller than those of a Great Dane.

Body: The Great Danebull has a long lean body.

Gait: The Great Danebull has a very dainty and dignified gait for his size.

Tail: The tail of the Great Danebull is set low, slightly curled upward and ends in a point.

Coat: The Great Danebull has a short, smooth coat.

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