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Greybull Breed Information


Recognized By: DBR , IDCR
Mispellings: Graybul, Graybull

Living with a Greybull

Personality: The Greybull is a very sweet and lovable dog.

Family Dog: Great family dog, loves kids and other dogs. great patients andactive.

Grooming: Occasional brushing due to shedding.

Behavior: Great company, loves being with people. Can relax or play on adime.Very playful, great tempered.

Barking: The Greybull is a barker but not excessively.

Exercise: Requires at least an hour+ of exercise a day.

Living Conditions: Needs lots of room to run.

Greybull Appearance

Appearance: The Greybull has a sleek graceful appearance.

Companionship: Loves human company.

Coat: Short hair, sheds.

Greybull Health

Allergies: Light coat with pink skin is more prone to flea allergies and sensitive skin.

Skin Health: Sensitve skin, skin allergies.

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