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Spoodalier Breed Information


Recognized By: DBR , IDCR

Living with a Spoodalier

Family Dog: The Spoodalier makes a perfect family dog as they are good with chuldren and adults because they are very loving and playful.

Shedding: The Spoodalier does not shed very much at all.

Grooming: The Spoodalier needs their fur cut once a year.

Behavior: The Spoodalier is an obedient, loyal and playful dog.

Barking: The Spoodalier is a quiet dog.

Spoodalier Appearance

Appearance: The Spoodalier is a medium sized dog with a very cute face and long floppy just like a Cavaliers'.

Coat: The coat of a Spoodalier is very soft and can be wavy or curly.

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