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Chinese Cocker Breed Information

Chinese Cocker

Recognized By: DBR , IDCR

Living with a Chinese Cocker

Personality: The Chinese Cocker has a very fun loving personality.

Temperament: The Chinese Cocker is a very calm, sweet and easy-going dog.

Family Dog: The Chinese Cocker makes a good family dog, but some will not do good with living with other dogs or cats.

Shedding: The Chinese Cocker is considered a low to no shed dog.

Grooming: The Chinese Cocker needs grooming at least every couple of months.

Training: The Chinese Cocker is eager to please and learn quickly which makes them very easy to train.

Behavior: The Chinese Cocker is a very laid back and affectionate dog that can be timid around new people but warms up to them fast.

Barking: The Chinese Cocker is typically not a barker.

Exercise: The Chinese Cocker does not need a lot of exercise.

Chinese Cocker Appearance

Size: A fully grown Chinese Cocker weighs about 30 to 35 pounds.

Companionship: The Chinese Cocker makes a great companion dog that always wants to be around family. They love to be loved and give love in return.

Tail: The Chinese Cocker has a long tail with long hair.

Color: The Chinese Cocker has a multi-colored coat.

Coat: The coat of the Chinese Cocker is very soft.

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