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Beaglemation Breed Information


Recognized By: DBR , IDCR

Living with a Beaglemation

Family Dog: The Beaglemation is a very calm dog who makes a wonderful pet for any family. They typically love kids and other pets if properly socialized as a puppy. If the are not socialized they may have issues with other dogs and people.

Training: The Beaglemation may be more on the difficult side to train but with a calm demeanor and positive techniques they will eventually catch on.

Behavior: The Beaglemation can be a calm, loving and happy dog or more high strung, playful and energetic.

Barking: Some Beaglemations are very vocal while others are more quite in nature. They do make very good watch dogs.

Exercise: The Beaglemation needs plenty of daily exercise and walks.

Beaglemation Appearance

Size: A fully grown Beaglemation can weigh around 60 pounds.

Companionship: The Beaglemation is a wonderful companion dog. They love people and will do just about anything for them.

Body: The Beaglemation has a stocky and well mucsled build.

Color: The Beaglemation can have a pale yellow, white or black and white coat with many varieties of spots including Beagle markings.

Beaglemation Facts

Characteristics: The Beaglemation is a strong willed dog with strong hunting instincts.

Beaglemation Health

Bone Health: The Beaglemation has strong and healthy bones.

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