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Bulloxer Breed Information


Recognized By: DBR , IDCR
AKA: Bullboxer, Boxerbull
Mispellings: Bolloxer, Bull Boxer

Caring for a Bulloxer

Feeding: Bulloxers are big dogs and require lots of food.

Living with a Bulloxer

Family Dog: Bulloxers make great family pets. They are very friendly and love other dogs and children.

Shedding: Bulloxers are considered low shedders.

Training: Bulloxers are intelligent dogs and take to training fairly well.

Barking: Bulloxers bark when they are excited or when a stranger comes near.

Exercise: Bulloxers should have daily exercise.

Living Conditions: Bulloxers can live in an apartment provide they are taken on daily walks or have plenty of daily exercise.

Bulloxer Appearance

Appearance: Bulloxers have a Boxer body with Bulldog muscles.

Size: Bulloxers can be over 70 pounds when fully grown.

Companionship: Bulloxers make great companions.

Muzzle: The Bulloxer has a short muzzle.

Teeth/Bite: The Bulloxer can have an underbite.

Color: Bulloxers can have a brown & white coat.

Coat: Bulloxers have a short coat.

Bulloxer Facts

Characteristics: Bulloxers are very friendly and social dogs.

Bulloxer Health

Allergies: There are no known allergies associated with the Bulloxer at this time.

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