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Doubull-Mastiff Breed Information


Recognized By: DBR , IDCR
Mispellings: Double Mastiff

Caring for a Doubull-Mastiff

Feeding: The Doubull-Mastiff can easily consume large amounts of food.

Living with a Doubull-Mastiff

Family Dog: The Doubull-Mastiff makes a good family dog.

Barking: The Doubull-Mastiff has a deep, loud bark.

Exercise: The Doubull-Mastiff needs exercise but should not be run long distances due to possible stress on their joints.

Doubull-Mastiff Appearance

Appearance: The Doubull-Mastiff is a square and stocky dog.

Size: The Doubull-Mastiff can be around 200 pounds when fully grown.

Companionship: The Doubull-Mastiff makes a very loyal family protector.

Body: The Doubull-Mastiff is a tall dog with a large build and very muscular body.

Color: The coat of the Doubull-Mastiff can be Fawn or Brindle in color.

Coat: The Doubull-Mastiff has a short, soft coat.

Doubull-Mastiff Facts

Characteristics: The Doubull-Mastiff makes a good guard dog yet they are friendly, compassionate dogs.

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