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Pithuahua Breed Information


Recognized By: DBR , IDCR
AKA: Chihpit, Chipit
Mispellings: Pithiahia, Pituahua

Living with a Pithuahua

Family Dog: The Pithuahua is a great dog who loves kids.

Shedding: The Pithuahua sheds very little

Grooming: If the Pithuahua has a short coat grooming is relatively easy.

Behavior: The Pithuahua is relatively calm but gets spirts of hyperness. They are fun and very lovable dogs.

Barking: The Pithuahua has a high pitch bark.

Exercise: The Pithuahua loves to run and play with kids.

Living Conditions: The Pithuahua loves the out doors.

Pithuahua Appearance

Appearance: The Pithuahua has a white brindle coat with spots, small long ears, a long tail and broad body.

Companionship: The Pithuahua makes a good companion dog. They love to be around people and cuddle.

Eyes: The eyes of the Pithuahua may be green in color.

Muzzle: The Pithuahua has a narrow muzzle.

Neck: The neck of the Pithuahua is relatively short.

Body: The Pithuahua has a short, stock build.

Feet: The Pithuahua has small feet.

Color: The coat of the Pithuahua can be white with brindle spots or tri-colored brown, white and tan.

Coat: The Pithuahua has a soft coat.

Pithuahua Health

Allergies: The Pithuahua may suffer from skin allergies and asthma.

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