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Cav-A-Jack-Chi Breed Information


Recognized By: DBR , IDCR
AKA: Cavajackchi, Cava-Jack-Chi
Mispellings: Cavajackachee, Cavajackchee

Caring for a Cav-A-Jack-Chi

Feeding: Cav-A-Jack-Chis are prone to obesity so require careful measuring of their food intake.

Living with a Cav-A-Jack-Chi

Personality: Cav-A-Jack-Chis are very happy, friendly dogs. Their tail is always wagging and they never meet a stranger. They love children and all other animals.

Family Dog: Cav-A-Jack-Chis are wonderful family dogs, they love children and love to be part of any activity with their family.

Shedding: Cav-A-Jack-Chis shed year round, but shed heavily in spring and fall.

Grooming: Cav-A-Jack-Chis require daily grooming to help combat shedding.

Training: Cav-A-Jack-Chis are highly trainable dogs. They learn very quickly and are very eager to please their owners. They enjoy learning and can be taught a variety of tricks.

Barking: Cav-A-Jack-Chis are excellent watch dogs but rarely bark unless there is a reason to.

Exercise: Cav-A-Jack-Chis require moderate exercise.

Physical Ability: Cav-A-Jack-Chis are very agile and excel in agility and other canine sports.

Cav-A-Jack-Chi Appearance

Appearance: The Cav-A-Jack-Chi is a small breed dog, close in size to a Jack Russell with the face of a Chihuahua and a short or medium length coat.

Size: The Cav-A-Jack-Chi is a small sized dog, averaging around 12-16 pounds when fully grown.

Ears: The ears of a Cav-A-Jack-Chi are set high and are fairly small in size, similar to the ears of a Jack Russell. They always hang down, they are never prick eared.

Color: Cav-A-Jack-Chis come in a variety of colors and patterns but the most common are golden brown, and predominately white with tan patches.

Coat: The Cav-A-Jack-Chi can have a short coat like the Chihuahua or Jack Russell, or a medium length coat slightly shorter than the Cavalier.

Cav-A-Jack-Chi Facts

Life Expectancy: The average life expectancy of a Cav-A-Jack-Chi is 12-17 years.

Cav-A-Jack-Chi Health

Litter Size: The average litter size of a Cav-A-Jack-Chi is 2-3 puppies.

Cav-A-Jack-Chi History

History: The Cav-A-Jack-Chi originated from a female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a male Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua cross.

* The most accurate way to determine characteristics of a mixed breed is by researching the parent breeds.
** Not all dogs being represented by this name consist of the exact percentages listed above.
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