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Foxie Doxie Breed Information

Foxie Doxie

Recognized By: DBR , IDCR

Living with a Foxie Doxie

Temperament: The Foxie Doxie is an intelligent, playful, alert dog.

Family Dog: The Foxie Doxie makes a great family dog.

Shedding: The Foxie Doxie doesn't shed too much.

Grooming: The coat of the Foxie Doxie may require occasional trimming.

Training: The Foxie Doxie is very intelligent and learns quickly. They would love to be boss so proper training is key.

Behavior: The Foxie Doxie is very energetic, loving and outgoing. They love to play especially with toys.

Barking: The Foxie Doxie does like to bark and loud. With proper training they can be taught to bark less.

Foxie Doxie Appearance

Appearance: The Foxie Doxie may have a coat similar to the Wire Fox Terrier with a Dachshund build.

Size: A fully grown Foxie Doxie may weigh around 22 pounds.

Companionship: The Foxie Doxie makes a great companion who loves to be with you and can usually be found underfoot.

Body: The Foxie Doxie has the build of a Dachshund except slightly larger and with longer legs.

Feet: The feet of the the Foxie Doxie are large for their size and often turn outward.

Tail: The Foxie Doxie has a long tail.

Color: The coat of the Foxie Doxie is typically tri-colored.

Coat: The Foxie Doxie has a wiry coat.

Foxie Doxie Health

Allergies: The Foxie Doxie may suffer from summer allergies.

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