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Corgen Breed Information


Recognized By: DBR , IDCR

Living with a Corgen

Family Dog: The Corgen makes a good family dog.

Shedding: The coat of the Corgen sheds in clumps.

Behavior: The Corgen can be very selective of the people they will be affectionate towards. They tend to behave more like a Cogri with a stubborn streak. They do like to hunt rodents and herd other dogs.

Barking: The Corgen does like to 'talk' and often sounds like Chewbacca.

Exercise: The Corgen is a very active dog who likes to herd.

Corgen Appearance

Body: The body of the Corgen is similar to that of the Corgi with longer legs.

Tail: The Corgen has a long bushy tail.

Color: The coat of the Corgen can be golden blonde & white in color.

Coat: The coat of the Corgen can be very long and soft.

Corgen Health

Allergies: The Corgen does not have any known allergies.

Health: The Corgen may have problems with their hips but otherwise are typically very healthy.

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