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Recognized By: DBR , IDCR

Living with a Belusky

Personality: The Belusky is a friendly, active, extremely intelligent and trainable dog.

Grooming: The short coat of the Belusky is easy to maintain. They should be brushed a couple of days a week.

Behavior: The Belusky is an energetic, loyal, friendly dog.

Barking: The Belusky has a decent bark and also howls, a Siberian Husky trait.

Exercise: The Belusky needs plenty of daily exercise. A hour long walk or more will suit them fine.

Physical Ability: The Belusky makes a good agility dog. They are very quick dogs with a lot of scope.

Belusky Appearance

Appearance: The Belusky resembles a miniature German Shephard but with more blonde and fawn than black.

Size: The Belusky is a small to medium sized dog.

Companionship: The Belusky is a very loyal companion dog.

Body: The body of the Belusky is compact and strong.

Color: The coat of the Belusky can be blonde and tan with white markings.

Coat: The coat of the Belusky repels water which makes the very quick drying dogs.

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