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Border Chigi Breed Information

Border Chigi

Recognized By: IDCR

Living with a Border Chigi

Family Dog: The Border Chigi makes a good family dog.

Grooming: The Border Chigi requires a minimal amount of grooming. The use of a good shedding tool after baths can help.

Exercise: The Border Chigi needs a moderate amount of exercise daily.

Border Chigi Appearance

Size: The Border Chigi is a smaller dog weighing between 14 to 20 pounds.

Nose: The Border Chigi has a black nose.

Eyes: The eyes of the Border Chigi are round and close together.

Ears: The ears of the Border Chigi may be floppy.

Muzzle: The Border Chigi has a small, round muzzle.

Neck: The neck of the Border Chigi is short.

Body: The Border Chigi has a stocky body.

Feet: The Border Chigi may have large feet for their size that point outward.

Tail: The tail of the Border Chigi has a medium long coat.

Color: The coat of the Border Chigi may be black and white like the traditional Border Collie coat.

Coat: The Border Chigi can have a semi long coat.

Border Chigi Facts

Life Expectancy: The average life expectancy of the Border Chigi is 10 to 15 years.

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