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Mastahoula Breed Information



Living with a Mastahoula

Personality: The Mastahoula is affectionate but can be aloof.

Temperament: The Mastahoula is usually gentle and mild mannered but can be aggressive at times.

Family Dog: The Mastahoula makes a good family dog. They are great with the family and typically accept strangers well.

Shedding: The Mastahoula is a low shedder.

Grooming: The Mastahoula needs very little grooming.

Training: The Mastahoula can be stubborn but very smart and trainable with patience.

Behavior: The Mastahoula can be either athletic like the Catahoula or laid-back and lazy like the Mastiff.

Barking: The Mastahoula barks when excited or alarmed.

Exercise: The Mastahoula can be an energetic dog who will need plenty of exercise.

Physical Ability: The Mastahoula is very athletic.

Living Conditions: The Mastahoula can live inside or outside but extreme cold is not recommended due to their short coat.

Mastahoula Appearance

Appearance: The Mastahoula will have the appearance of either the Catahoula, the Mastiff or most likely a combination of both.

Size: The Mastahoula is a large dog and can be between 50 to 100+ pounds when fully grown.

Head: The Mastahoula has a very large head.

Nose: The Mastahoula has a very large large and great sense of smell.

Eyes: The eyes of the Mastahoula are usually amber in color.

Muzzle: The Mastahoula has large muzzle.

Teeth/Bite: The Mastahoula has straight and large teeth.

Neck: The Mastahoula has a thick neck.

Body: The Mastahoula has a large and athletic body.

Forequarters: The Mastahoula has a strong thick chest.

Hindquarters: The Mastahoula has strong hindquarters. They may have hip problems like the Mastiff.

Color: The coat of the Mastahoula can be any color or combination of colors of the parent breeds.

Coat: The coat of the Mastahoula is short.

Mastahoula Facts

Characteristics: The Mastahoula is a gentle dog but can have a lot of energy and can be an aggressive hunter.

Mastahoula Health

Skin Health: The Mastahoula has good skin health but can tend to have oily skin.

Bone Health: The Mastahoula has strong bones.

Litter Size: The Mastahoula can have 5 to 15 pups in a single litter.

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