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American Neo Bull Breed Information

American Neo Bull


Caring for a American Neo Bull

Feeding: Perferred Raw.

Living with a American Neo Bull

Personality: laid back gentle giants.

Temperament: easy going loyal guarding.

Family Dog: Yes...they love their kids but due to size must be watched around small kids to ensure they don't accidently step on or knock them over.

Shedding: little to none.

Grooming: Little to none.

Training: very important to due to size.

Behavior: Gentle giants, loves children.

Barking: Only when warning his people of danger.

Weather: shade and plenty of water in warm weather.

Exercise: Loves long evening walks but content to lay in yard or chase a ball.

Physical Ability: very strong

Living Conditions: Apartment suitable with plenty of exercise.

American Neo Bull Appearance

Size: Large may grow up to 200lbs.

Nose: large nostrils short snout with possible dewlap or wrinkles.

Eyes: Normally born blue or orange and may change to brown later.

Ears: May be cropped or natural.

Body: Large solid approx 180-200lbs.

Gait: Lion like gait

Tail: docked 1/3 or straight with curve upward.

Color: Black/White, Brown/White or Brindle.

Coat: Short little shedding.

American Neo Bull Facts

Life Expectancy: 10-12 years.

Characteristics: Natural Guard dog, Love their people .

American Neo Bull Health

Skin Health: Face may have dewlap needing cleaned to prevent bacteria infec.

Eye Health: Some may inherit droopy eyes like Neo however most do not eliminating the inherited cherry eye trait.

Bone Health: Hip displasia if puppy growth is rapid (diet very important).

Litter Size: 6-8

American Neo Bull History

History: Breeders began using Am. Bulldogs with Neo Mastiffs much like Masti-bull bread for the wrinkle look and gentle attitude. Breeding out the known Neo disorders such as hip displasia from rapid puppy growth,cherry eye, and dewlap infections.

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** Not all dogs being represented by this name consist of the exact percentages listed above.
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