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Designer Breed Registry

Name:Designer Breed Registry
Information:The Designer Breed Registry while specific to the Designer Dogs is not only open to registering designer dogs only, the DBR also registers all dog breeds, purebreds, mixed breed dogs, and dogs of unknown origin in appropriate groups. The Designer Breed Registry registers designer breeds, and hybrid breeds. Designer dog breeders, who breed designer dogs, and have designer puppies for sale, such as labradoodle, cockapoo, yorkipoo, maltipoo,etc.(see the list of breeds recognized) can register with Designer Breed RegistryBreeders who are in process of developing a new designer dog can contact the registry for foundation breeder status and be a integral part of naming their newly created designer breed and have the opportunity to draw a standard for the breed in the future.

The DBR has been highly acclaimed as a credible dog registry that promotes education, dog training, and responsible ownership for all dog owners, while encouraging the wonderful experience of owning a dog. International and American dog breeders can now look forward to not only a registry for designer dogs but an opportunity to title their designer dog, purebred dogs and dogs of unknown origin.
Recognized Breeds: Foxton , Foxy Rat Terrier , Foxy Russell , French Boodle , French Buillon , French Bulldog Mix , French Bullhuahua , French Bullweiler , French Pomchi , Frenchbo Bulldog , Frenchton , Frengle , Frenscher , German Pinscher Mix , German Shepherd Dog Mix , German Sheppit , German Shorthair Toller , German Shorthaired Pointer Mix , German Spitz Mix , German Wirehaired Pointer Mix , German Wolfhound , Giant Schnauzer Mix , Giant Schnoodle , Glechon , Glen of Imaal Terrier Mix , Goberian , Golden Boxer , Golden Dox , Golden Irish , Golden Labmaraner , Golden Labrador , Golden Mountain Dog , Golden Newfie , Golden Pyrenees , Golden Retriever Mix , Golden Rottie , Golden Shepherd , Goldenapso ,