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Jack Chi Testimonials

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Sugar is a very sweet, protective, 17.5-pound girl we adopted as a young dog from another family. They told us she was the child of a purebred Jack Russell mom and a neighbor's Chihuahua. She has very dark melty Chihuahua eyes, darker skin and pads, the thin, longer legs of the Chihuahua, a head like a Jack Russell, dark nose, even one-toned light fawn-colored fur that isn't super short but is smooth, and fold-over ears. She is very smart and easily learns tricks, which she enjoys practicing. She also requires consistent training and socialization and resembles a Jack Russell in temperament. Jumps, digs. She has a heightened prey instinct and will go after any small animal (cats? I think she'd eat one, or die trying), plus she has no idea how small she is. She is so protective, she will show aggression toward anything or anyone she feels might be a threat until reassured the strange person or animal is okay. She is super affectionate, gentle, tolerant, and great with my kids, one of whom is autistic. When she plays, she makes a growling sound that is almost like a purr and smiles at us. We couldn't be happier. This is a nice, interesting, smart mix. And a great mouser, to boot. I wouldn't want to try owning this dog in an apartment. The noise level alone might draw complaints; she's a barker. This is an athletic, energetic dog who needs a yard to run around in.
Posted: 3/3/2010 9:30:01 PM by Anonymous

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