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Great dog for kids

Our pup is about 2 1/2- we got him as a 3 month old pup when our youngest child was about 7 months old. As a puppy, he was extremely energetic and playful- knocked the kids over many times trying to play with them. Now that he has matured and our youngest is going on three years old, he is the absolute perfect dog for them. They can do anything to him and he will still cover them with kisses (though they may not like that!) He still has tons of energy, but we laugh when he tears around the yard or house like a madman! These dogs love attention, though, and will bother visitors in your house for their entire visit, just looking for an ear-scratch! Despite that, we love him to death and think he has turned out wonderfully. Added bonus- absolutely no shedding! But you do have to keep them very well groomed to prevent knots in their fur.
Posted: 10/18/2009 9:55:28 AM by Anonymous

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