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Our scoodle, Nessie Jean...

Our scoodle, Nessie Jean, has been a real blessing to our family. She is 2 years old and has been very easy to train. She knows sit, lie down, roll over, stay, look at me, kiss kiss, and come. I continue to teach her new commands, and she loves the interaction.

Nessie seems to have no allergies, like our other poodle, and has a silky, wavy coat which is prone to tangling. I brush her weekly. She sheds marginally.

Nessie is very good with people, but is a fierce protector of the house and our persons. She is attentive, and I always know when someone is coming up our drive. She is not an excessive barker, but does usually bark at other dogs, although she gets along pretty well after the initial barking is over.

Nessie really desires to be with her owners at all times, and gets a little stressed if left alone for a long time.
She needs lots of exercise to make her happy, but indoor games with toys is fine. A good 2 mile walk in nice weather is her chocolate!

Nessie has a traditional square scottie stance, but as her legs are nearly twice as long as her scottish ancestors, her gait is rather more poodle-ish.
She has great vision and hearing; is curious and initially cautious with new sights; she loves her "pack", and definitely knows who the Alpha female is. . . and it's not her!

I would recommend this breed to anyone willing to train a little, play with some frequency, and take their dog with them wherever they are welcomed.
Posted: 1/22/2009 7:35:53 PM by Anonymous

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