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Saint Berner Testimonials

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Chill dog

We just bought our 14 week old st berner Buddy for my 5 year old son. This dog is great. I was a little scared at first thinking he was ill or depressed. He is just a chill dog not hyper at all. He has his moments but due to his size I put limits on jumping and I walk him every morning and sit outside with him at park at night(i don't walk him too far at all, no more than half mile). When walking him I make sure he stays at my side or slightly behind me never ahead. He is already 40lbs at this age and would walk me if not trained early. He is real smart but goofy and clumsy. He had 1 BM accident in the first week and slowly stopped his territorial urinating in the house the first 2 weeks. He is very eager to please but sensitive I have to tell my son not to yell at him but be stern. He is pitiful when you are disciplining him and takes it extra hard I choose my battle and remember he is a puppy. Rewards work way better with him. I would suggest teaching sit asap...this helps me when walking and he already sits automatically when I stop (may be laziness) I also demand him to sit when he gets ancy and under my feet so i can walk through the house without tripping or trampled over. Keep his favorite treat for listening to your demands and after you give him a demand be sure he knows your not mad just showing authority. This is going to be a loyal friend and great family dog.
Posted: 6/16/2009 4:13:30 PM by Anonymous

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We purchased our St. St. Berner (7/8 St. Bernard, 1/8 Bernese Mntn. Dog) June 2008. At five and a half months,(Oct 2008) he weighs over 75 lbs (lean, not fat). He is gentle with our cats (3) our kids (6, 4 of which are 7 or under) and our other dog (5 yo. f. Akita/Lab)and easy to train though a bit over eager to please. He is extremely friendly with strangers and loves water.

He learned "sit, down, dead dog, and shake" with no trouble and loves tug-of-war and fetch, is incredibly soft-mouthed, and like most big dogs, clumsy. House-trained early and easily.

Looks like a St. Bernard without the white neck collar, nearly pure sable, black mask, white paws and blaze. Soft coat, tons of drool, and Crothers (think Scatman Crothers) likes to drink out of the bathroom sink.

Awesome disposition, open and interested in everyone and happy. Well-loved by his whole family, and recommended by his mom. If you have a decent sized yard, and can train with love and treats, a St. Berner makes a fabulous family pet.
Posted: 10/20/2008 8:17:43 PM by dezmcbeth

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