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Our beautiful big (153lbs) Mastweiler Maximus passed away on Nov 7, 2010. We are devastated!! He was the most amazing, funny, protective, kind boy in the world...We had 9 unbelievable years...way too short. I myself did not know he was considered a hybrid. his mom was a Rottie and dad was an english mastiff.....incredible mix. everyone should have a dog like him. Our lives are completely empty, we cry everyday. No dog will ever compare to our Maximus!!! we love you big boy forever and always....
Posted: 12/5/2010 3:19:56 PM by Anonymous

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To make a long story short, last year my sister got a big "Rottweiler" from a humane society in Wisconsin (she had recently lost her last Rottie after having various for over 15 years). When we picked him up his name was Goliath (which we later changed) and we all fell in love when we met. We figured out almost immediately that he had some Mastiff in him we just didn't know there was a Designer Breed designation.

Although the humane place (hah!) couldn't decide if his age was between 2-1/2 and 4, we knew right away he was an older dog. They said he had been found as a stray. Tick covered, tick sores, two or three tick-born diseases including lyme, we took him anyway. And he obviously was not cared for by that place.

We discovered that he had several damaged teeth, we believed and the vet agreed that it was probably from being in a small kennel or cage and tring to bite his way out through the steel. Big Boy also learned how to bark. When we first got him his bark was more like a little burp. We couldn't quite figure that one out because in checking he had not been debarked. One day he let out a HUGE bark (stranger coming up the drive) and my sister said he first looked like he had done something wrong but then she praised him for his protective bark and he just wiggled all over in happiness, and his great Big Dog bark was back. (Oh, yes, he was a Wiggler!) We think at one time he may also have had an embedded collar, because of scars around his neck.

He was a really older dog, older than we thought. He obviously did not know how to be a dog, but with my sister at the helm within a couple of months he started understanding what being a dog was.

We renamed him "Big Boy" because that's what he was. He was 145 pounds of mushy love that looked like a giant Rottie. We loved him to pieces. My sister's bed was his bed.

But after only four months or so his old body gave out. We believe now that he was closer to eight. After all his struggles with his many illnesses, and learning how to be a dog, he developed lymphoma, extremely agressive. He did not survive.

She (we) had him for only a few months but he was one of the most loving, and most unique dogs. At least he had love and caring for those last few months of his life and he returned it in his radiation of gooshy, mooshy doggie love.

My sister has always loved Rotties and I loved all her Rotts, but Big Boy was special. When he first came lumbering out with the handler my sister and I just felt something inside us melt. When Big Boy died my sister had his face tattooed on her upper arm. She and I talked about why Big Boy and not one of her rotties. We both agreed that what it came down to was Big Boy epitomized the greatness of these big dogs. He was majestic, loving, funny. He came through his early life with grace, and to the very end of his life his big heart was still filled with acceptance, strength, loyalty, and love.

To this day my heart is sad, and if ever Big Boy represented anything, it was a greatness of spirit that even we, as humans, can only aspire to.

I am very happy that there are people who recognize the uniqueness of this hybrid pooch, the mastweiler.
Posted: 11/20/2010 7:01:39 PM by Anonymous

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