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I found Pico online from a rescue when I was looking for another small dog to be with my other three chihuahua dogs. I was told he was separated from the other puppies because he was so small and they were afraid he would get hurt. He was only 8 weeks old when I finally got him and he had a really bad intestinal worm problem which is probably why he was so small. After several trips to my vet we got it cured and he started to grow. I know he is not the breed they claimed and I am constantly looking for other dogs like him to get more information on his breed. He is all muscle and full of energy but he is a big baby at the same time. He has to be with me all the time and when I do have to leave him he literally throws a fit! In the car if I get out and do not take him he gets upset but as soon as I am out of sight he calms down and sits and waits. He loves walks but does tire easily. On one walk he laid down on the sidewalk and rolled over on his side and refused to move much to the amusement of everyone around. Because he lives with small animals he does not know his size. His best friend is my Maine Coon Cat who he puts his front arm around when they are sleeping. He barks a lot and I am trying to get him to stop that but he uses the barking as talking and thinks I should understand. When I am home from work he takes his toys over and wants me to play with him and then he very gently uses his front paw to get my attention because he needs a hug. Sometimes he crawls on my lap like he is a little dog. He is probably one of the most intelligent dogs I have ever had, he learns fast and understands so much. He is a hound outside from the beagle side of him and he thinks he can chase the birds flying over him and smells whatever was walking around the yard like a bloodhound. He can also play by himself, he throws his balls or toys and then chases them. He understands words and if I tell him to get the ball in another room he will stop for a second to think and then goes and gets it, if I say the name of another toy he will go get it. One of the best things I taught him is that he loves to grab paper out of my hand and run with it and he is fast but if I tell him I will trade the paper for a treat he will stop and then I will say "drop it" and he does for the treat. Has saved many potential shredded papers!! It has to be the combination of the two breeds. I had a beagle when I was younger and I recognize the breed in him. As you can tell we are very attached to each other.
Posted: 1/2/2012 6:37:38 PM by Anonymous

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Tracker joined our family in March. I had gotten to know him a little before we found out that he was part pitbull. I had always been a little scared of pitbulls because of all the stories that you hear. I was not scared of Tracker though and it was then I realized that the stories are not necessarily the truth about those dogs. Tracker is just a very loving dog. He is an excellent watchdog. We have noticed that he can be very rowdy and rambunctious when he wants to be but we are trying to train him that there is a time for that and a time when he needs to settle down. He accepts that. He can also be the most clumsy dog you will ever meet. Yesterday, he tripped over his own feet. We got a good laugh out of that one. We keep him well socialized both with other animals (we have four cats and another dog) and people. He responds quite well to strangers. A friend of ours came over the other night whom we hadn't seen for a while so she had never met the dog. He barked at her at first and then wanted to give her kisses. I am so happy that we were able to give this dog a home. I adore him.
Posted: 7/26/2011 11:27:03 AM by mm1961

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