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Borador Testimonials

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Titan the Borador

My great uncle has a Borador, named Titan. He knows more tricks than we can remember (at one time). Titan is an active, happy dog. He follows my uncle ,Johnny, all around, and waits until Johnny leaves the house before he wastes time eating. He lets my little sister pull his ears and tail, and doesn't even dare to growl. He is a great dog.
Posted: 11/13/2010 7:31:46 AM by Anonymous

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The Sweetest Thing

We got our Borador from the local Wal-Mart parking lot. There was a woman with a box full of 5 puppies, four of them were almost completely black, and then there was our little girl. She is mostly white with a tan face, and a couple of tan spots on her body. I picked her up and it was love... instantly! We put her in the truck, did our shopping, and when we came back, she was looking out the window and started wagging her tail like crazy. She was wonderful on the hour long ride home, just sitting in my lap sleeping. We have 8 cats, 5 of whom are kittens. The puppy and the kittens are best buddies. This is one of the best puppies I have ever owned, so eager to please, she dreads doing something wrong. I got her house-broken in two days, leash trained immediately, she has the "sit" command down after just a day, and we are working on "lay down" She is always with me, I never leave her at home. If I go out, she goes with me. I would recomend this breed to anyone! I love labs, and I love border collies, but the border collies can be a little "crazy" if they don't have work to do. The lab seems to curb that craziness just enough. I could go on forever about our sweet little girl... she's such an amazing dog!
Posted: 1/8/2010 5:54:15 PM by Anonymous

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My Little Lexi

:I got my baby girl 5 years ago from a little mom & pop pet store for $100. At that time she was just called a mutt. (Border Collie & Black Lab mix) After having nothing but German Shepherds all my life,(having 4 of them at home already), I took my sons to the little pet store for snake food. Well, let me tell you, it was love at first sight, I knew I couldn't leave without her. She was the sweetest little puppy I'd ever seen. Needless to say, she's still the sweetest dog I've ever owned. She sleeps in my bed with me every night, with her head on my pillow, and even lets me put the covers on her. She acts like she's attention starved ALL the time, and she gets the most attention because she demands it. She's very good with my 2 year old grand-daughter and my other dogs. She even gets along ok with cats that hang around outside. She won't even chase them out of her yard. These dogs have the best temperment ever! I would definately recommend a Borador to anyone looking for a sweet,loving,loyal dog. Although I must say, she is quite fat, must be from the lab in her. But she's my sweetheart.
Posted: 10/28/2009 10:38:50 AM by Anonymous

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Freebie Dog

I got my borador for free when he was 12 weeks old from a lady who said she was going to take him to a pound if he didnt have a home by the weekend. I couldn't let such a cute puppy go to pound so even though I had two dogs already I took him home! He was a shy, timid little guy when i got him but now, at 6 months old, he is 40 pounds of lovebug! He is so gentle with kids, listens extremely well, and is very easy to train!

However, he heards people and other dogs! Some people find it extremely annoying to be nipped at but me and my family have put this trait to good use by letting him heard his "brother" a JRT into the house when he doesn't want to come inside. Such an active dog needs a job to do!! He also eats anything he can get his mouth on, sticks, shoes, the side of my house.... u cant leave anything out that you dont want to be devoured!!

He is by far one of the most awesome dogs I have ever owned!
Posted: 10/22/2009 8:54:06 AM by Anonymous

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Missing You..

We adopted a rescue borador last October. We already had three dogs at the time. In August 2009, he began to stop responding to simple commands and one day he snarled terribly at me. The following week without provocation, attacked our pom. The next day, we had to say goodbye to our beloved borador as we realised he had the capacity to be aggressive. The pom suffered two bites and is now nervous when all his other pals playfight. As a dog trainer and whisperer for over 25 years; it was a decision that broke our hearts. We knew after he snarled at me; his eyes, the stare, the sound, the dare.. I always said I couldn't keep a dog I was nervous of, so when he attacked our pom, it was the last straw. Until we lost our borador, we had a total of six dogs and he was their best friend until he decided he wanted to be the boss of me and them. So please understand a borador is not suitable around smaller dogs and will try to dominate. If they do snarl, back off, give him time to calm down but NEVER EVER EVER give the dog back to a rescue centre; for they will only pass the dog on to an unsuspecting member of the public where the dog could maim or kill or be savagely beaten by its new owner... that is why we took our vets advice; sad as it was and deeply broken hearted about our loss; it was in his best interest, our best interest and the publics' that we made the decision we did that day...

Do I miss him... oh God, yes... I miss his big tail, his mischevious behaviour, his funny and affectionate ways.. do I miss him growling at the others, waiting to pounce, the unpredictability.. the vet was right..

I do believe that dogs chose a leader when in a pack; but this only relates to dogs in a wild environment. At home, it's different, the dynamics are changed and the human is the leader of the pack, it's their rules that stand, not the dogs. The borador challenged me and paid the ultimate price..

We lay him to rest soon, we miss him, we loved him and we were with him till he took his last breath.. God bless him and all the animals in the world; especially those in countries where they are chosen to be somebody's dinner...
Posted: 8/18/2009 2:59:56 PM by Anonymous

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Best of All Worlds!

The border collie/ lab mx is awesome! We adopted our Borador from a shelter at 10 weeks, and we have been so happy with her. The description fit her well. She is 8months and 35lbs, so she should be 40-45lbs full grown.

She is so sweet and plays great with other dogs. We had a different name picked, but then we met her and she was so sweet we had to give her a little girly name. She loves being near me, but then is also quite independent. She is not that much of a barker. Just occasionally when she thinks people are coming to our apartment. Yes, I have her in an apartment, but she gets lots of time at the dog park everyday and our complex has a giant courtyard for the dogs to run and play. Exercise time is a must for these dogs!
She is incredibly smart! Its amazing how fast she learns things! At first I didn't want a border collie mix because my friends pure breeds can go "crazy," but a mix is perfect. She runs around other dogs sometimes, like she is herding, but she never nips at them or anything. She plays so gentle as well. She loves to carry her toys everywhere...there is the lab in her. She loves to chew bones and toys. She likes fetch, but then after awhile gets bored of it and goes a smells everything.

Socialization was important for her. She was very shy at first and it took a lot of patience and trips to the park and petsmart to get her used to people, noises and other dogs. She still can get a little spooked with loud noises, but is much better.

This mix is awesome. You have the intelligence of a border collie and a little smaller body than a full grown lab. But you have the sweetness of a lab and the fun personality of a lab. I feel the lab tones down the border collie's personality, while keeping all of its great characteristics. Then she has a bunch of the lab characteristics that make you just loves labs. Great Mixed Breed!!!!
Posted: 6/19/2009 6:59:01 AM by Anonymous

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