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Chipoo Testimonials

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My Chipoo

i own a chipoo and she is a loving dog and loves play.she is great to cuddle with and is so cute in appearance!the only slitest problem i have with her is that she barks constantly . when i take her for a walk she will bark at people and at in the process of training her and shes getting a lot better. but thats the only problem i have with her.i have little kids and she is great with them!she was easy to pody train and easy to teach tricks to.i actually didnt want another dog but i got maggie for a mothers day present.i was kinda upset that i got a dog but once i had her for a week everything fell into place and i fell in love with her!she is a little fur ball who has been a great joy to my family. i highly recommend chipoos if you are looking for a great companion and a dog who is obediant!
Posted: 1/9/2008 10:55:34 AM by Anonymous

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