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D.O.G.'s Bio

joined 3/4/2008

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D.O.G. the Black Sabled Silver Male Silkzer / Stands 12 inches tall / Weighs 22 lbs / Born 10/27/2006 in / Lives with Mark_Jessica in Bowling Green, KY (United States)


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Oliver, Ollie, DOG
Came From
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Chasing the ball
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Under the bed
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D.O.G.'s Story & Details
Our story starts off with my wife and I at Pets and More, a little pet shop in Bowling Green, Kentucky, on Christmas Eve 2006, where we found our little silky schnauzer that we named Dunnegan's Oliver Graham. Son of Mac Man (Sl-02361760) and Preston's Lil Lady (MS-01221581) whom hail from Northern Tennessee. Pets and More had aquired him two weeks before we just had to have him. Since then, Oliver has been the most loving and affectionate animal we have ever owned. He is extremely intelligent and has been able master every trick we have taught, which is why we enrolled him in Cumberland K-9 Academy, This is where Oliver has continued to master his heeling, heel slow, heel fast, sitting, sit stay, sit lay, stay and leave room, recall on cue, walk in nationally standardized fashion and line up side by side with other dogs and a lot more. This Silkzer is not only an exceptionally intelligent animal but a truly loving family companion.

D.O.G.'s Puppy Pad

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